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What Friends of the Children Means to me

Dear Friends,

If you recall, I joined the Board of Directors of Friends of the Children New York approximately one year ago. I believe it’s important for children experiencing the greatest number of risk factors to receive an intervention as early as possible. Friends of the Children selects kindergarteners facing multiple risk factors and stays with them for 12 years. The program provides each child with a “Friend,” a salaried Youth Advocate, who offers one-on-one support twice a week.

The Advocate not only helps them face current challenges, but also prepares them to make important decisions and approach life’s transitions with confidence.

The Advocate is involved in early aspect of the child’s life and connects them to academic and social-emotional resources that positively affect their growth.

I’m raising support for Friends of the Children again this year because the intervention model has a proven impact: Upon completing the program at 18 years old, the teens are ready to contribute positively to their communities (see below for more outcomes). With a return of 760%, it’s one of the best investments you can make.

Please take the time to donate to a program making huge strides for the most vulnerable children in New York City – and Penzance, United Kingdom! Friends of the Children recently created its first international affiliation with Trelya.

Thank you,

Chris Rollins

About Friends of the Children New York

Our mission is to change the destiny of New York City’s most vulnerable children, one child at a time…. Friends of the Children New York is an early intervention program that breaks the cycle of generational poverty for children most at-risk. We provide them with a consistent, caring advocate who guides them for 12 years so they become productive members of their communities.